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Design Philosophy
Core Feature List
Application Characteristics

Typical Characteristics of HorizonJ Solutions

HorizonJ is most applicable as a base architecture for systems that will support a large number of concurrent users accessing data that is persisted in a relational backend datastore. Many features are directed towards solving architecture issues usually encountered in enterprise systems.

Key Benefits

Rapid Development

Usage of HorizonJ dramatically speeds design and implementation. Choice of HorizonJ eliminates technical and application architecture design and implementation. Application implementation is speeded, as SQL coding is eliminated, and base UI components may be used to handle generic searching and maintenance. Validation is built into the application layer, eliminating design and implementation of presentation coding specific to validation.

Smaller Codebase

Use of HorizonJ components can significantly lower the amount of active code at the application level, yielding savings in development, maintenance, and testing cost. Application implementers focus directly on application rather than architecture issues; the majority of application code is directly relevant to application functionality rather that technical requirements.


Usage of HorizonJ persistent entity generation as a starting point for application development ensures that all base persistent entities are coded in a consistent manner from the start of implementation. Usage of HorizonJ front-end components also simplifies the code required within JSP components, making it easier to adhere to a standard approach and style to user interface development.