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Technology Architecture Planning
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Outsourced Application Build
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Outsourced Application Build

In pursuit of increased business value, companies are driven to reduce costs while keeping pace with emerging technologies and securing skilled resources. JSoft’s outsourced application build service provides a range of solutions for planning your technology architecture, and building applications. Our architect s and designers can work with your personnel to define requirements and application designs. Our implementers then rapidly translate these designs into application components using the HorizonJ architecture.

  • Deploy applications on time. JSoft's build services team has significant experience in delivering application components within required timeframes.
  • Meet your budgetary requirements. JSoft's build services team helps contain your costs through proven ability to develop quickly and effectively. Given sufficient requirements, JSoft can offer fixed cost buildout pricing, guaranteeing that your buildout budget will be met.
  • JSoft can provide maintenance services for your application, providing you with a cost effective long-term application maintenance plan.