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Technology Architecture Planning
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Rapid Launch Support

Use of the JSoft HorizonJ architecture dramatically speeds design and implementation. HorizonJ significantly reduces the coding complexity required for technical and application architecture design and implementation. SQL coding is eliminated, and base UI components may be used to handle generic searching and maintenance, resulting in increased application development speed. The smaller codebase yields savings in development, maintenance, and testing costs.

JSoft's rapid launch support can help your team get trained in Java, J2EE, and the HorizonJ product, and jump start project development.

Key Benefits
  • JSoft's team assists in setting up configuration management and development environments, providing a consistent and standard development environment from day one.
  • Your team is brought up to speed in how to develop with HorizonJ very rapidly. Typically, experienced developers are up to speed and productive within a week.
  • JSoft's architects take your team through the design / implementation process for several different components, exposing your designers and developers to different features provided by HorizonJ.